Privacy Policy for BeerList and BeerListFree

This is the Privacy Policy for the applications BeerList and BeerListFree as published on Google Play as of December 2016.

The applications BeerList and BeerListFree behaves similar in all means with regard to Data Collection and sharing of the information.

The applications is intended for private storage of user data only. None of this data, or any other data with respect to using the application, is shared with the developers, developer company, or any 3rd party organization.

The user can themselves delete any user data, with using the DELETE button in the Beer registraion page.

The following data permissions are used within the applications:

  • PHOTO, only for adding hoto to the internal datafiles, within the application. 
  • LOCATION, only used for simplifying the registraion, providing country location to the user within the application.

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