Monday 11 July 2016

Android 6.0 and Beer List / Beer List Free Camera Issue

I've just been aware of an error in Beer List / Beer List Free caused by the new permission regime on apps in Android 6.0, demanding the user approval for all hardware function when using them the first time. This is not working properly inside the app (on my test-device at least), causing an error message and restart.

The manual solution to the problem is to enter "Settings" and the "Apps", going to Beer List / Beer List Free, pressing the app, and have a list of options as in the picture below:

Better alternative is to update your Beer List Free to latest version on Google Play, and it is all fixed!

The clue is that the apps need permission for Camera! Press "Permissions" and activate the permission for "Camera".

I have seen problems doing this, which is not related to the Beer List apps, but an error message telling you to take away an "overlay" app may occur. This app with "overlay" may be Facebook or CleanMaster as far as I have tested, others may impact your phone. NB! You need to uninstall / disable the app problem app to fix the problem.

An integrated Camera permission request is now in place for Beer List and Beer List Free (as of July 12th 2016).

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