Saturday 26 December 2015

Backup of Beer List / Beer List Free

Beer List and Beer List Free are storing all your data in the apps own directories. Two database files with all texts and data, and a directory for all the photos. Adding to that are the settings file, storing your settings in the app.
  • The preferred solution is your phones backup and restore functions. This works perfectly with all data in Beer List and Beer List Free. It will normally only work if you restore to same brand. I did a perfect backup from an LG G2 to my new LG G5, directly phone to phone!
  • Vendors have a "Cloud Backup" or PC back option as well
Google is improving your general app backup and restore as well, it works as follows with Beer List / Beer List Free:
  • The settings file are backuped automatically in all installations
  • There are no automatically backup to Google of the datafiles in installations on Android 5.1 and older, manual backup are needed for restore. Several options are available:
  • For Android 6.0 an newer there is a nice solution - Google back-ups all apps to your apps and its data - but only up to 25 MByte
    • If You take pics of your beers - that limit will be crossed around entering 50-60 different beers
    • After that you are left with the options above!
Hopefully Google will add more storage options to back-up apps in the future.

Update febrary 2017: I am now as well working on a Google signin, with the opportunity to do back-up restore of the data directly in the BeerList apps.

I will keep this page updated.

Tuesday 25 August 2015

Beer List weekly beer statistics finally available, coming soon to Beer List Free!

I've for a while been planning with a new statistics page in Beer List, and this functionality is fanally available!!

  • It is released today for the Beer List (paid) app in release 1.8.0/1.8.1
  • It will be available for Beer List Free app in september (update: release OK)
The functionality is quite simple, the weekly numbers of +1 buttons pressed in the Beer Registration page adds to this statistics.

The statistics is presented as a weekly graphic bar, with week number as well as numbers of beers presented.

A picture of the page will arive here soon.

Thursday 6 August 2015


Today our three apps on Google Play reached over 1000 downloads !!

No big deal - and a very variable retention rate - still a milestone!

Driven by high growth especially from the Beer List Free downloads.

HeleneApps apps:

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Only small Banner Ads used by HeleneApps!

A lot of apps with mobile ads seems to be using the large, pop-up, page ads. I find this very annoying. Our policy will be to ONLY use small banner ads in our apps, as today in Beer List Free and Lotto Draw Quiz.

This is a promise to everyone who are downloading and using our apps!

Thursday 7 May 2015


A small milestone is reached - the three HeleneApps apps have accumulated been downloaded over 500 times from Google Play!

No errors and working fine!

As presented on Google Play:

The apps are:

Beer List (USD 1):

Beer List Free (free):

Lotto Draw Quiz (free):

Thursday 2 April 2015

Beer List Free - RELEASED

Today we released the FREE version of Beer List.

Functionality is as of today similar to the commercially available Beer List (at approximately USD 1).

Download the app here:

Most graphics are similar as well, but the fronpage is totally different:

This version has ads, only as seen here, small banners at page bottoms. Please use them if relevant!

Saturday 21 March 2015

Beer List Free in Beta

Our app BeerList has from the beginning been a paid ap (approxomately USD 1). This is definitely reducing the attractiveness of thee app for large user groups around the world.

The good news is tha Beer List now is in Beta testing as Beer List Free, a free version of Beer List!

Beer List Free will at least initially have the same full functionality as Beer List, no restrictions! There wil be som ads in less annoying places, as an alternative income model.

Some changes to color-schemes and graphics must be expected - to make sure a slightly different look will apply.

NB! There is as of today no upgrade path from Beer List Free to Beer List planned, your database may not be transferred from one app to the other.

Monday 23 February 2015

Adding MobAds to Lotto Draw Quiz

The preferred business model by users and developers have for a while been ad-based income for the developers, and free aps for the users.

I have now added a small banner-ad in the bottom of the Main Menu and the Set Draw pages (not the Draw pages itself) of Lotot Draw Quiz. I hope it's not too inconvinient, and I hope you find some of the ads interesting!

Pls give feedback on the banner ad experience in Lotto Draw Quiz, especialy if it hampers your user experience. I will not add ads on the drawing result pages. Version 2.3.0 has all the ads planned for Lotto Draw Quiz.

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Holiday delays app updates!

We've been away for three weeks on holiday, and I realize that actually at least four weeks have gone since any activities on the apps. Plans are ready and in the works:

  • LottoDrawQuiz will soon have Playing Cards draw as well (February)
  • BeerList will hopefully soon have statistiscs on beers/week graphics (March)