Monday 23 February 2015

Adding MobAds to Lotto Draw Quiz

The preferred business model by users and developers have for a while been ad-based income for the developers, and free aps for the users.

I have now added a small banner-ad in the bottom of the Main Menu and the Set Draw pages (not the Draw pages itself) of Lotot Draw Quiz. I hope it's not too inconvinient, and I hope you find some of the ads interesting!

Pls give feedback on the banner ad experience in Lotto Draw Quiz, especialy if it hampers your user experience. I will not add ads on the drawing result pages. Version 2.3.0 has all the ads planned for Lotto Draw Quiz.

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Holiday delays app updates!

We've been away for three weeks on holiday, and I realize that actually at least four weeks have gone since any activities on the apps. Plans are ready and in the works:

  • LottoDrawQuiz will soon have Playing Cards draw as well (February)
  • BeerList will hopefully soon have statistiscs on beers/week graphics (March)