Wednesday 5 November 2014

Why buy Beer List ?

Below is some good arguements for actualy choosing beer list as your collector of beers and beer brands. There's a lot of products out there - but here's some key value points:
  • No commercials
  • No in-app charges, one-time off and you get all the functionality promised
  • Continous development
  • Statistics focus of the beers you have entered:
    • Your favourite beers (most drunk)
    • Best and worst beers based upon personal taste
    • Beer Brands by country statistics
    • Complete picture gallery of all your beers
  • Comprehensive with many pages and view, use it - and enjoy all the information!
For download, more pictures and more information:

Example pics:

This app is also available as a Free version with some minor commercial banners, called BeerListFree, with similar functionality:

1 comment:

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